Galaxy S24 may be Samsung’s first phone using ChatGPT-like generative AI

Galaxy S24
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The newest and most popular tech trend is still generative AI. Everyone wants to use ChatGPT or services similar to ChatGPT. Samsung is the same. A few weeks back, there was a report that the Galaxy S24 might have ChatGPT-like on-device generative AI. It’s said that Samsung will highlight it significantly in the first part of 2019.

Samsung has confirmed that ChatGPT-like functionalities will be accessible on at least one of its phones starting in 2019. However, the company has not yet confirmed that the Galaxy S24 will be the first product to offer users a built-in generative AI model.

In a world where the Humane Ai Pin will cost $1,000 and Microsoft’s Office 365 Copilot AI costs $9,000, having built-in AI features from a flagship Samsung phone sounds like a wonderful value.

Earlier this week, Samsung stated during its Q3 2023 earnings conference call that it is interested in developing generative AI solutions. Samsung stated that it will release a smartphone with built-in generative AI next year, according to Business Korea.

During the call, Samsung stated, “We are working to introduce AI technology as a new experience in our devices.” The company stated that while it does not have a set date, it intends to start providing generative AI features in 2024.

Some reports state that the Galaxy S24 will be revealed in early January. This is Samsung’s primary flagship model and the front-runner to receive ChatGPT-like on-device AI the next year. However, Samsung’s first generative AI products, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, are also expected to be highly successful smartphones, with shipping scheduled for mid-2024.

Given the reports that Apple is heavily investing in its Apple GPT experience, which will power generative AI features on future iPhones, I would expect Samsung to want to release these features as soon as possible. Additionally, I anticipate Apple wanting Apple GPT to function in some way on the iPhone 16 devices when they are released next year. Samsung most likely has comparable goals.

Samsung did not specify the specific generative AI elements that it is developing. or whether it will collaborate with ChatGPT or another business to provide them. However, it revealed a crucial aspect of their ChatGPT-like technology that I want to see used by Apple and all hardware manufacturers.

ChatGPT-like functions will be available on the Samsung AI phone(s) without requiring a connection to an outside cloud. This is a crucial feature since it can enhance consumer privacy while utilizing AI-powered devices. User data can be processed on-device, eliminating the need for it to travel to Samsung’s servers.

Additionally, the use of on-device generative AI eliminates the need for an internet connection for the AI to function. However, it goes without saying that the program cannot provide responses that depend on having internet connectivity.

Ultimately, personal AI is made possible by on-device generative AI the kind that Google is beginning to provide with its Pixel 8 phones and Bard.

Another reason why non-flagship phones might not have ChatGPT functionality is because they are running generative AI programs on the smartphone. Flagship CPUs that are better suited to handle AI features may be required for phones like the Galaxy S24 or the soon-to-come foldable smartphones. Coincidentally, Qualcomm recently revealed the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU. The chip will assist in processing the device’s generative AI prompts.

This next-generation Snapdragon 8 CPU will power the Galaxy S24 Ultra as well as some of the less expensive Galaxy S24 models.

However, nothing prevents Samsung from providing ChatGPT-like functionality on its mid-range smartphones. Instead of processing the inquiries on the device, it may do it in the cloud. However, as we’ve already seen, generative AI technology is pricey. Samsung may want to pair its AI technology with its priciest smartphones as a result.

And who knows? Galaxy flagships that use generative AI may have an advantage over those that don’t.

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