Apple called Android a ‘massive tracking device’

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Over the years, Apple has taken many clever jabs at Android, but a recently disclosed internal presentation claims that Android is “a massive tracking device.”

Following the conclusion of the ongoing Google antitrust lawsuit, The Verge surfaced Apple’s internal presentation in which the firm referred to Android as a “massive tracking device.”

The presentation in question discussed Apple’s efforts to begin “Competing on Privacy.” The presentations, which were created in January 2013, examined how Apple’s rivals—mostly Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft—handled customer data and privacy issues.

A “privacy timeline” incorporates some of the 2000s and 2010s privacy-related news stories, like Google’s Street View vehicles spying on private Wi-Fi networks and Instagram’s plan to use user photographs in its advertisements, along with Google’s change in privacy policies to combine user data across services. Apple continued by contrasting how its products manage privacy in relation to Google and other companies. A few of the slides are embedded below.

The presentation ends with Apple declaring that “Android is a massive tracking device” in the full-page declaration below. The slideshow is truncated and somewhat deleted, so the context of this comment is missing, but it’s still a daring way to discuss a rival.

Of fact, regardless of operating system—Android or iOS—all mobile devices monitor a great deal.

It’s difficult to dispute that Apple hasn’t capitalized on this attitude from a decade ago, though. Apple increased its focus on privacy in iOS 14.5 by adding a system authorization for tracking for purposes like advertising, which resulted in sharp drops in iPhone tracking. Although the corporation is said to have looked into it, Android does not currently offer a function like that.

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