Microsoft Staff Losing Free Game Pass Benefit Next Year Complain To Phil Spencer [Update: He Reversed It]

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According to The Verge, Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox, has decided to rescind the decision to stop providing free Game Pass Ultimate access to non-Microsoft employees. Spencer produced the following internal memo:

After looking into this more with the team, I just want to confirm that no change will be made to Game Pass availability in 2024. If you have access to the Game Pass offer today you will continue to have access. I appreciate the time to get up to speed and sorry for the questions and confusion created. And thanks for supporting Xbox.

You get some great benefits when you work at Microsoft. Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions are one of those benefits that will end next year, and it’s said that employees at the big tech giant are not thrilled about it. Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox, had to intervene to resolve the situation since the workers were so furious.

Offering users a vast library of both new and classic video games that can be played on PC, Xbox, and cloud streaming, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an extremely good price. Large titles like Starfield that were available on Game Pass from the start have helped the service amass millions of subscribers.

Furthermore, Game Pass will get even better because Activision titles will probably end up on the Netflix-like service in the future due to Microsoft’s acquisition of the Call of Duty publisher. Of course, Game Pass is an extremely good offer if there are no costs involved. However, it appears that the pleasant Microsoft employee benefit may soon expire.

According to a story published on November 2 by The Verge, Microsoft is taking away the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate advantage for free for the majority of its more than 200,000 permanent employees.

The benefit expires in January 2024. It has been reported that the employee store of Microsoft will provide reduced 12-month Game Pass plans to its employees. The tech company’s disgruntled staff, however, found out about this adjustment earlier this week, and that isn’t good enough.

The Verge has sources stating that the majority of Xbox division staff will still receive free Game Pass. This perk is only being eliminated for Microsoft workers who are not Xbox employees.

Some Microsoft staff allegedly started complaining on the company’s private messaging board. After a while, Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox, responded to the messages, apologizing to the irate staff and said he would check into the removal of the benefit.

Given that Game Pass Ultimate’s monthly cost increased from $15 to $17 in July, the removal of this advantage in 2024 is likely to cause considerably more pain. I hope that the impacted workers will still receive some other awesome perks, such as fun Clippy t-shirts or complimentary Office 365 subscriptions. brand-new, outdated Zunes?

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