4 ways Google Analytics helps with data-driven decision making

Google Analytics
google analytics

For digital marketers and website owners who want to learn more about their online presence, Google Analytics is a valuable resource.

A wealth of information is available from Google Analytics to assist you in comprehending how customers are using the product. Utilizing this information will optimize your website, enhance user experience, and increase conversion rates. Here are some tips for optimizing the data that Google Analytics provides:

1. UTM Parameters

The acronym UTM denotes Urchin Tracking Module. Short text strings called UTM parameters are appended to URLs in order to monitor the traffic’s source and medium. The factors can be classified into five categories: source, campaign, medium, term, and content. You can see more clearly which marketing channels are bringing in the most traffic and converting customers for your product by using these UTM parameters. You can better understand your users and manage your resources by using this information.

2. Enable Site Search

Knowing what people want and how to make their experience better is crucial for every website that has a search function. With the help of the Site Search feature, you can learn more about how visitors used the search engine on your website, including the exact search phrases they used and the extent to which the search results encouraged them to interact with your website further.

3. Set up Intelligence Events

There may occasionally be significant fluctuations in website traffic that go unnoticed. Google Analytics lets you establish custom criteria to watch for unexpected site activity or deviations and send warnings to authorized account administrators to keep an eye on any such strange activities.

4. Create Custom Audience Segment

Google Analytics has a wealth of data about your users and audience. Their age range, geography, gender, interests, user experience, and frequency of website visits can all be obtained via the platform. Utilize this information to comprehend the visiting user profiles.

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