Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Retro announced

Z Flip5 Retro

Now that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Retro is launched, limited numbers will be on sale in South Korea, the UK, Germany, Spain, and Australia starting on November 1.

In France, consumers can purchase it starting on November 2; however, supply is restricted, so don’t expect it to be available for purchase for very long. Theoretically, you may anticipate it to appear on eBay eventually, but sellers of collectibles are not renowned for being cheap.

Unofficial mockups of the uncommon Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro edition recently made waves. Even though they were fine, these are some official Samsung photos:

Without question, the Z Flip 5 Retro edition has an amazing appearance.

The use of retro branding is not by coincidence. This version of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 honors the illustrious SGH-E700 from 2003, which stands as a testament to a 20-year history of innovation. Celebrate 20 years of technological progress by fusing the pre-smartphone vibes of 2003 with cutting-edge technology from 2023.

Where the idea originated

The SGH-E700 was a revolutionary phone in 2003 that was bound to become a legend in and of itself. With a technological breakthrough, Samsung captured the attention of people all around the world. This was the company’s first phone with an integrated antenna.

The SGH-E700 was dubbed “the Mercedes Benz of cell phones” by a Norwegian publication, and phone users over a certain age do recall it fondly. The majority of them, you can guarantee, wouldn’t know the model name, but they would instantly recognize it and say, “I had it” or “I wish I had it.”

During a period when Nokia controlled the phone market, Samsung’s standing in the industry was greatly enhanced by the SGH-E700.

Aside from that, Samsung released some really daring phones 20 years ago, including the MP3 phone SPH-M2500 in 1999, the watch phone SPH-WP10, the TV phone SCH-M220, and the camera phone SCH-V200.

What unites them?

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro incorporates a number of unique elements from the SGH-E700, including the striking mix of silver and indigo blue, a reimagining of 2000s pixel graphics in the UX design, and a unique animation on the Flex Screen that depicts a nostalgic cityscape.

How do I obtain one and what’s in the box?

This collectible bundle comes with a Flipsuit case, three Flipsuit cards with logos from various periods in Samsung’s history, and a collector card with a unique serial number engraved on it, which will increase the product’s collecting value for buyers.

The only place to buy the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro is on Samsung.com, the company’s official website.

Credits: Phonearena

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