Curry, Warriors recognize big In-Season Tournament game vs. Kings

Curry, Warriors recognize big In-Season Tournament game vs. Kings
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Curry and the Warriors acknowledge the significance of The Kings game from the In-Season Tournament first aired on NBC Sports Bay Area.

It’s going to be the biggest game of the season between Steph Curry and the Warriors.

Golden State avoided elimination from the NBA In-Season Tournament by holding on to win 118-112 over the San Antonio Spurs on Friday at Chase Center. They will now play the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday at Golden 1 Center in a crucial tournament match.

Curry acknowledged the significance of Tuesday’s match and gave an explanation of why the Warriors must start the game strongly against the Kings in his post-game interview with the media.

“It’s a big game, you feel the energy of an In-Season Tournament game because of what it means,” Curry stated. The court feels like a playoff-style game, and you have to play like you know you have to win to stay in it. I’m sure they’ll follow suit, and the atmosphere will be enjoyable. We are aware of it, so we know what to anticipate. All we need to do is act with hurry and efficiency, especially in the beginning. It’s a major deal because, in my opinion, they’ve been playing quite well ever since [De’Aaron Fox] returned, and they also won tonight.

Since April 7 of the previous season, Tuesday’s game will mark the Warriors and Kings’ 11th regular- or postseason meeting.

Although some consider the Warriors-Kings rivalry to be among the finest in the NBA right now, Curry wasn’t prepared to call the Kings a competitor at the beginning of the season, and he still doesn’t.

“I’m going to have to check with the committee that actually defines what ‘rivals’ actually means,” Curry said after the game. It is essentially what everyone hopes it will be. We’ve played them a lot over the past few years, and I really enjoy the storyline including the back-and-forth. Whatever you choose to call it, basketball is engaging and fun. Because of what they do, you have to play well to defeat them.

A seven-game series certainly helps, but as I mentioned earlier, we know what to anticipate when we get up there. It’s great that this group’s performance in the In-Season Tournament is being highlighted a bit more. That it is against them makes sense.

Whatever Curry and the Warriors decide to make of their history with Sacramento, Tuesday’s game will undoubtedly be another intense confrontation with the Beam Team.

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