Rainbow Bridge Explosion: Deadly crash involved husband and wife in a Bentley, investigators believe

Rainbow Bridge Explosion
Debris is scattered about inside the customs plaza at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, in Niagara Falls, New York. Derek Gee/The Buffalo News/AP

Rainbow Bridge Explosion: Law enforcement officials informed CNN that investigators believe a guy driving a Bentley at a fast pace with his wife was involved in the fatal collision that occurred at the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday morning, connecting the US and Canada.

According to the sources, the speeding car struck a curb and then a guardrail, sending it flying into a secondary screening area.

The explosion that occurred on the eve of the US Thanksgiving holiday caused delays and closures on a busy travel day. Initially, there were worries that it might be a terror strike, but according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul, there is no indication that the incident is related to terrorism.

At a press conference on Wednesday night, the governor stated, “I want to be very, very clear to Americans and New Yorkers, at this time there is no indication of a terrorist attack.”

At a different press conference, US Attorney Trini Ross reaffirmed the same, saying, We will continue to be vigilant despite our preliminary investigation suggesting that it was not related to terrorism. We’ll keep working to ensure that the public is informed of the information we possess.

After wrapping up their investigation at the Rainbow Bridge incident on Wednesday, the FBI discovered neither explosive materials nor a connection to terrorism, according to a post on X.

Car flew through air in Rainbow Bridge explosion almost as if in a movie, witness says

According to Rickie Wilson, who works for CNN affiliate WKBW, he saw the automobile speeding by him and for a split second believed it was a jet. It was “almost like a movie.” He claimed that once the car touched down again, it slightly spun before landing and striking an object.

The automobile, which Hochul said “disintegrated,” is barely visible in the collision scene photo, with the exception of the engine.

The governor confirmed on Wednesday night that Rainbow Bridge explosion there were two fatalities in the car, refuting initial reports from law enforcement that the fire’s ferocity may have caused confusion. According to Hochul, a border patrol agent working in a booth also had some minor wounds.

Hochul continued, The car is linked to a resident of western New York. The automobile was reportedly on its way from Canada to the US, according to earlier sources.

Following the Rainbow Bridge explosion, authorities claimed that all four of the bridges connecting Canada and the United States were immediately blocked. Later on Wednesday, according to Hochul, the Peace, Whirlpool, and Lewiston-Queenston bridges reopened. Following the event, Buffalo Niagara International Airport advised travelers to anticipate additional checks.

While the initial investigation was underway, the leaders of the United States and Canada were kept informed about the situation.

At first, we weren’t sure if it was a terrorist attack or not, Erie County Sheriff John Garcia stated. Nevertheless, all necessary measures were implemented to guarantee the community’s safety.

It was a “tragic accident,” as he described it.

Rainbow Bridge Explosion
In this image taken from security video, a light-colored vehicle (top center) flies over a fence into the Rainbow Bridge customs plaza on Wednesday in Niagara Falls, N.Y. U.S. Customs and Border Protection via AP

Trying to identify the victims in Rainbow Bridge explosion

The condition of the remains has made it difficult for authorities to determine the identity of the driver involved in the Rainbow Bridge explosion, multiple sources told CNN earlier. Authorities have been attempting to ascertain whether the driver found at the scene and the person to whom the car is registered belong to the same person. It also made it difficult for the authorities to determine how many people were in the car.

Prior to this, FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew Miraglia stated that investigators didn’t think the subject of their investigation was engaging in any illicit activity.

We are addressing it through the Joint Terrorism Task Force and we do have someone in mind for it, he stated. “We have not come across any negative information about the person we have identified. We’ve been looking through his social media, but nothing is there. That’s just an initial evaluation because we’re still conducting a thorough investigation.

He said that although it is early in the investigation, there probably isn’t a bigger picture to consider. At this point, we feel like this might just be something that happened.

According to sources, the reason why federal authorities are attempting to obtain video from multiple perspectives is that witness statements seem to differ.

At first, the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition stated that there had been a collision and the bridge was closed on both sides. The technology coalition reports that as of 11:51 a.m., the bridge was closed. The coalition’s camera footage revealed haze surrounding the bridge.

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