Florida State QB Jordan Travis carted off after leg injury

jordan travis injury
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After getting wounded during a run in the first quarter of Florida State’s game against North Alabama on Saturday night, quarterback Jordan Travis was wheeled off the field with an air cast on his left leg.

As Jordan Travis was reaching the midfield line, teammates from North Alabama gathered around the tackle. He landed on the turf and remained there, his leg bent at an unnatural angle underneath him. Trainers raced to Travis right away, and the packed Florida State stadium went silent.

Colleagues dropped to one knee and stared in disbelieving stillness as the cart was pulled out for him. As he was lifted onto the cart with an air cast on his leg, the audience began to scream “Jordan Travis.” He was carried off the field and put into an ambulance right away.

After the 58-13 victory, head coach Mike Norvell talked about how tough it was for the whole team to watch its leader go down on Senior Night, but he gave no update on Travis’ injuries.

“Jordan is so important to this team, not just as the quarterback but just who he is and what he stands for,” Norvell stated. It was therefore upsetting for everyone to witness a player be harmed and not truly know what it would entail. I believed that our players were able to pull together and just keep playing. I also believed that several players performed at a very high level and showed up to help out when it was needed.

The Seminoles scored 58 unanswered points as Tate Rodemaker, Travis’ backup for the previous two seasons, entered the game and completed a 217-yard touchdown pass.

Jordan Travis shared a video of himself watching the Florida State game on his cellphone from what looked to be a hospital bed on his Instagram stories.

Jordan Travis has guided Florida State to the No. 4 rating and an unbeaten season. After beginning his career as a quarterback for the Florida State Wildcats, Travis is now in his sixth year and is considered one of the top signal-callers in the nation.

Jordan Travis had potential, and Norvell helped him develop into a full player by utilizing both his passing and rushing skills in 16 straight wins. Travis has passed for 2,734 yards this season, adding seven touchdowns on the ground in addition to 20 touchdowns and two interceptions.

“We knew this was Jordan Travis’ last game at Doak Campbell Stadium,” Norvell stated. I thought he should play a particular game. Every time someone is harmed, it is difficult to witness and experience. That kid just makes you want so much for him because he does everything perfectly.

I can’t claim to have blocked it out. You go out onto the field, coach, and take care of the guys in every way possible. I owe them too, but having a player fall down doesn’t make the effect any less severe. It’s challenging.

With a key game against rival Florida on Saturday to try to finish the regular season unblemished, Norvell said Rodemaker is prepared for his next opportunity.

According to Norvell, “he’s been preparing all season. We had a one-on-one meeting a few weeks ago in my office to discuss being ready in case the need ever arose. Tate does an excellent job of getting ready. Tate is highly trusted by our players because they watch him train every day. They are aware of their skill and aptitude. He never appeared to be alarmed at the time. He performed incredibly well and did a great job, in my opinion. He was ready and prepared.

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