Mark Andrews Suffers Season-Ending Ankle Injury

Mark Andrews Suffers Season-Ending Ankle Injury
TE Mark Andrews. Nick Wass/AP Photo

Isaiah Likely knew something was wrong when he watched Mark Andrews leave the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night due to an ankle injury. Most likely ran to Andrews’s side and knelt down beside him.

Mark can withstand pain, that much is known about him. I took a knee and stayed by his side the entire time he was lying down and not getting up. Likely stated, They had to basically pull me away.” “Mark, I was telling him to get up. Mark, just show me that you can stand up. It hurt so much that he didn’t get up. There on the floor stood our leader.

Andrews hobbled off the field and into the locker room as if he didn’t want the Ravens medical personnel to help him. But following the contest, head coach John Harbaugh revealed the worst: an ankle injury that would terminate the season.

Mark Andrews suffered a severe injury to his ankle. Following the Ravens’ 34-20 victory, Harbaugh declared, “It looks like a season-ending injury. We will offer prayers for Mark. Mark Andrews is one of the men who is most concerned about the team and supporting them. He will therefore find this difficult, but we will support him every step of the way.

Four minutes into the match, Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson rolled up on Andrews’ ankle while making a tackle from behind, causing the injury. It was a hip-drop tackle, and following the game, Harbaugh voiced his concerns about them. Wilson used the same type of tackle that previously hurt Lamar Jackson’s ankle.

The play that hurt Andrews came after he had already gained nine yards and snagged a 14-yard pass on the Ravens’ opening play from scrimmage. Entering the game with 43 catches for 521 yards and a team-high six receiving touchdowns, he has once again been a key offensive weapon.

“We’ve been bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly – whatever you want to call it,” Jackson stated. That’s my boy, so it’s really hard. Sometimes that’s receiver [No.] 1.

My hope was that he would stand up. I understand how he [does], but all he was doing when he went down was lying there, looking bewildered. I thought, ‘That’s my boy.’ Not only for him but for anybody, I don’t want it to occur. That boy is mine.

Isaiah Likely and Charlie Kolar, two second-year tight ends, assume substantially larger roles in Andrews’ absence. fared well when Andrews was injured for a significant portion of last season, but he has only caught nine passes for 89 yards this season. Following Andrews’ departure, Kolar caught one catch for thirteen yards against the Bengals.

Furthermore, Nelson Agholor, Odell Beckham Jr., Rashod Bateman, and Zay Flowers are the top four wide receivers for the Ravens, thus they will probably split up the extra targets in the passing game. As a Raven, Beckham eclipsed 100 yards for the first time, and on Thursday night, Agholor and Bateman both scored touchdowns.

However, it is undeniable that Andrews and everything he represents to the Ravens cannot be replaced.

Harbaugh remarked, As a leader, he will be missed. He’s a passionate, fiery man. We’re all going to have to make up for the fact that he drains our vitality every day.

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