Planet Fitness vs. Fit4Less: Comparing the Two Gyms

Planet Fitness vs. Fit4Less
Sarah Rohoman | Narcity, Jonathan Weiss | Dreamstime

Planet Fitness vs. Fit4Less: After switching to at-home workouts during the pandemic, I’ve been considering getting back into the routine of going to the gym, but frankly, the possibilities are overwhelming.

Given that life is generally getting a little more expensive these days, I recently compared Goodlife to LA Fitness and decided to check out some of the more reasonably priced gyms to see what they had to offer.

I performed some research and discovered that Fit4Less and Planet Fitness are quite comparable in terms of prices and what they offer, so I decided to do some in-person investigation at two locations close to my Toronto apartment to get the lowdown before deciding which one I’d potentially join up for.

After visiting both gyms, I compared their advantages and disadvantages and discovered that there was only one thing that really distinguished them from one another.

Is Fit4Less good for beginners?

Planet Fitness vs. Fit4Less
Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

I decided to travel to the Fit4Less facility in Etobicoke, which is eight kilometers away from my flat in Toronto’s West End and roughly a 15-minute drive away. The Queensway is considered to be a part of Toronto even though it isn’t formally a part of the city.

individuals may check out the gym for free on the last Thursday of the month, which is a wonderful approach to see if it’s the right place for them (especially for individuals like me who are a little hesitant to try new things).

A welcoming member of the front desk staff welcomed me and asked me to sign a few documents before giving me a broad tour of the gym’s facilities, including directions to the changing rooms.

The gym appeared to be packed, but as I mentioned before, it was their day to welcome people for free, so it probably had an impact on how busy it was.

I’m a sucker for inspirational signage, so I adored the tiny “No judgment” sticker that was stuck to the wall. Although it sounds foolish, it actually gave me the impression that nobody was looking at me while I worked up a sweat.

As there is a “30 Minute Express Circuit” that guides you through a whole body workout for people who need some direction, I believe this is a fantastic gym for beginners. Additionally, there were many other types of cardio and weight machines, as well as a section that was sort of walled off for Black Card members, the level of membership that gives you entrance to the restricted area.

Other than the entry, which can be a little confusing if you’re not a member (you have to ring a doorbell to have a member of staff let you in if you don’t have a membership pass), I found the gym to be courteous, quick, and easy to navigate.

Is Planet Fitness good for beginners?

Planet Fitness vs. Fit4Less
Sarah Rohoman | Narcity
I made the decision to travel to the Planet Fitness facility at Dupont and Dufferin, which is roughly four kilometers (ten minutes) away from my house.
A friendly and accommodating member of the front desk staff welcomed me, helped me complete the necessary paperwork, and then gave me a brief tour of the facilities.
Given that Goodlife, LA Fitness, and Fit4Less all offer free days or trials, I found it a little unusual that Planet Fitness does not. Instead, I purchased $20 for a pass that gave me 24 hours of entrance to that specific club.
The “Judgement Free Zone” sign and the purple color scheme both made me smile.
There were several machines operating and a sizable number of them overall when I went there at noon on a weekday because it wasn’t particularly busy. I also liked that their website allows you to take a virtual tour of the facility if you’re a nervous person like myself and think that could make you feel a little more at ease.
I particularly appreciated that there was a station for an “Express 30-Minute Workout” with signs directing you to the machines and exercises in a specific location. An excellent choice for newcomers or people who need inspiration!
I was impressed to discover that one of the shower cubicles has accessible features like a handrail and bench, and the changing area was once again quite clean.

How much does Fit4Less cost?

Planet Fitness vs. Fit4Less
Sarah Rohoman | Narcity
The 4Less Card and the Black Card are the two membership choices offered by Fit4Less.
Costs for a 4Less membership are $7.99 every two weeks and $49 annually. You’ll have access to one location, unrestricted wifi, and their 30-Minute Express Circuit with that.
The annual charge for the Black Card membership is $49 and it costs $13.99 every two weeks. This entitles you to all the benefits of a 4Less membership in addition to access to all Fit4Less facilities, the freedom to let friends and family use the gym while you aren’t there, use of the hydrotherapy pools, massage chairs, and tanning beds, as well as a chance to win monthly giveaways for nothing.

How much does Planet Fitness cost?

Planet Fitness vs. Fit4Less
Sarah Rohoman | Narcity
There are also two membership options at Planet Fitness: the Classic and the PF Black Card.
The Classic membership is their most affordable choice, and it will cost you $15 a month in addition to a $49 startup fee and a $49 yearly subscription. With that subscription, you have unlimited access to a single club, free WiFi while at the gym, and access to the PF app, which contains routines.
The monthly cost of the PF Black Card is $24.99. There is also a $1 initial fee and a $49 yearly fee. You may use the HydroMassage, tanning, massage chairs, and access to all Planet Fitness locations for an additional $10.99 each month. You also get free wifi, 50% off some drinks, and the option to bring a friend to the gym with you.

Fit4Less or Planet Fitness?

The base membership at Fit4Less costs around $240 a year before taxes, whereas the basic membership at Planet Fitness costs about $278 a year overall, including startup fees and annual fees.

Fit4Less’s premium membership costs roughly $385, while Planet Fitness’s is about $350.

I had a great time at both gyms and if I had to choose between them based solely on pricing, I’d choose Planet Fitness over Fit4Less.

My trip to Planet Fitness was considerably simpler than my trip to Fit4Less, which took a little longer and entailed taking the Gardiner, which I try to avoid at all costs because of the traffic and general sense of peril I get while driving on it.

Having said that, I really valued Fit4Less’s offer of a free day to explore their gym because I believe it’s crucial to acquire a sense of a place before signing up for a subscription.

Wait until the final Thursday of the month to check out Fit4Less if you’re interested in trying them out.

These costs are confirmed at the time of publication, but they are subject to modification at any time. The price may not include taxes and fees.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views.

Credits: Sarah Rohoman, Editor at Narcity

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