Android 14: Five Cool New Features to Try Out

Android 14

Owners of Pixel phones can now access Android 14, which is currently rolling out to other phones. Although there aren’t many new features, there are some fantastic enhancements for your phone that are worthwhile using.

Here are five cool new features for you to check out as soon as Android 14 is available on your gadget.

1) Emoji wallpapers

One of the first things Google unveiled for Android 14 was the ability to build a backdrop out of your favorite emoticons instead of an image: emoji wallpapers. With the subsequent Android 13 updates, the feature was first available for Pixel devices; however, once Android 14 is released, it should be available on every Android phone.

Android 14

Select Wallpaper and Style from the Settings menu, followed by More Wallpapers and Emoji Workshop. You can decide which emojis to mix, what pattern to appear in, and what color scheme to employ using the wallpaper generator. You may always return to a gallery containing all of your created wallpapers.

2) Photo permissions

While it was previously all or nothing, meaning that apps either had permission to access your phone’s media gallery or they didn’t, Android 14 lets you restrict which photographs and videos an app may access, just like iOS does.

Android 14

Giving access to certain images and videos is the third option available at this time: Select Grant entry to every picture. When prompted for permission, choose either Accept or Deny access for photographs. Open Settings, choose Apps, select an app, click Permissions, then Photos and Videos to locate these settings once more.

3) Customize the lock screen

The additional lock screen customization options in Android 14 are arguably the most obvious improvements: You can now see the next screen divided into portions for the Lock screen and Home screen by selecting Wallpaper and Style under Settings.

Android 14

The additional choices may be found under the Lock screen tab. In addition to changing the wallpaper and colors as previously, you can now cycle through various clock styles by swiping left and right on the lock screen preview until you find the one you like best.

The shortcut buttons that show up in the lower left and right corners of the lock screen may finally be changed by using the Shortcuts link. The options are None, Camera, Do Not Disturb, Home, Mute, QR code scanner, Torch, Video camera, and Wallet.

For more possibilities, tap the color and size of the clock. You can change the lock screen clock’s color independently of the other system colors using the Color tab, the swatches and saturation slider, and the Size option, which lets you choose between Small (the clock always stays at the smaller size) and Dynamic (the clock size changes based on what else is on screen).

4) Notification flashes

Android 14 allows you to have more of a notice when you receive notifications. At any time when something requires your attention, you can set the camera, the screen, or both to flash.

Android 14

Toggle the Camera flash and Screen flash toggle switches by selecting Notifications from the Settings menu, then Flash notifications. To change the color, tap the Screen flash label instead of the toggle switch, then utilize the Preview option to see how the effect will appear.

5) Regional preferences

Since different regions of the world have different temperature standards, Android 14 allows you to customize the system-wide temperature instead of having to set it up for each program. Under System, Languages, and Regional Preferences in Settings, you may locate the choice.

Android 14

Temperature and the First Day of the Week are the two choices that can be specified here as of this writing. Choose wisely, or let the apps decide. However, keep in mind that app developers will need to update their products to work with the new Android 14 regional preferences feature.

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