Yankees slugger Aaron Judge made More Franchise History Friday Night

Aaron Judge
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On Friday night, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, the current American League MVP, added to the franchise’s legacy. In his team’s victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks (NYY 7, ARI 1), Judge hit three home runs, making him the only player in Yankees history to have multiple games with three home runs in a season. On August 23, he also blasted three home runs against the Washington Nationals.

Judge described the feat as “incredible” to MLB.com. “You can view the retired numbers there and the list of players that have been through this facility. Just doing my job, that’s all. I entered some decent counts, and the players ahead of me were reaching base and causing chaos. I’m therefore just pleased to have won.

Here is Judge’s night at Yankee Stadium with three home runs. Note that he was left on deck in the ninth inning and was denied an opportunity to score a run.

Jesse Winker in 2021 was the last player to have multiple three-home run games in a season. Judge is the sixth Yankee to have multiple three-home run games in his career. Joe DiMaggio, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Lazzeri, and Bobby Murcer all had two three-home run games each, while Lou Gehrig had four such outings. Additionally, Judge has two (both this season).

With his recent outburst, Judge now has 35 home runs in his 100 games this season. After colliding with the Dodger Stadium wall on June 3, he suffered a toe injury that required 43 games of missed play earlier this year. He is still playing with a ruptured ligament. Judge still has a chance to hit 40 home runs this season despite all the lost time.

This season, Judge is hitting.267/.401/.609 while dealing with a toe issue. In the American League, he ranks third in home runs and sixth in walks. Unfortunately, with a record of 78-76 this season, the Yankees will soon be out of the postseason picture.

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