Shots from Hamas’s morning rocket attack on Israel

Hamas’s morning rocket attack on Israel
After a rocket from the Gaza Strip struck a home in Ashkelon, southern Israel, Israeli firefighters put out the fire. [Tsafrir Abayov/AP Photo]

A significant number of rockets were launched towards Israel from the Gaza Strip, accompanied by the infiltration of fighters from the blockaded Palestinian enclave into Israeli territory. The Israeli army and medical professionals have reported at least one fatality as a result.

Air raid sirens were activated throughout the southern and central regions of Israel, prompting the military to advise individuals to remain in close proximity to bomb shelters.

The aerial assault has been attributed to the armed wing of the Palestinian group Hamas, with the group claiming responsibility for launching over 5,000 rockets.

According to the Israeli military, Hamas initiated a significant barrage of rocket fire, concurrently with the infiltration of individuals identified as terrorists into various locations within Israeli territory.

Hamas issued a statement on the messaging platform Telegram, urging the participation of “the resistance fighters in the West Bank” and “our Arab and Islamic nations” in the ongoing conflict.

Since 2007, Israel has implemented a severe blockade on the Gaza Strip subsequent to the ascension of Hamas to power.

There have been numerous significant conflicts between Palestinian combatants and Israel in the intervening period.

The recent surge in violence is a consequence of a period characterized by increased tensions in September, during which Israel implemented a two-week closure of the border for Gaza workers.

According to official sources from both Israeli and Palestinian authorities, the ongoing conflict has resulted in the deaths of at least 247 Palestinians, 32 Israelis, and two individuals from foreign countries. These casualties encompass both combatants and non-combatants from both sides.

The overwhelming majority of casualties have been reported in the West Bank, an area that has been under Israeli occupation since the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1967, which is considered to be in violation of international law.

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Following Israeli attacks in Gaza, smoke is rising. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, an Israeli airstrike that targeted the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip resulted in the death of at least one person. [Mohammed Salem/Reuters]

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In order to relocate away from the Israeli border, residents of the Gaza Strip flee their homes. In reaction to attacks from the region, the Israeli army claims to have begun "Operation Iron Swords" against the Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip. [Mohammed Abed/ AFP]

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Palestinians who lived close to the Israeli-Palestinian border moved away from their homes and settled in safer neighborhoods. [Ali Jadallah/ Anadolu]

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Firefighters from Israel put out a fire that started when a rocket struck an Ashkelon parking lot. Since 6:30 am, more than 2,200 rockets have been fired into Israel, according to Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari. [Tsafrir Abayov/AP Photo]

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A rocket launched into Israel by Palestinian fighters. [Mohammed Salem/ Reuters]

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Following a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip, cars are seen burning in Ashkelon. [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP]

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A firefighter in Rishon LeZion is making his way toward a building. The US embassy in Israel reports that following rocket attacks and the infiltration of Hamas fighters from Gaza, it is "closely monitoring" the security situation in Israel. [Hadas Parush/Reuters]

Credits: Aljazeera

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