QB Russell Wilson struggles in loss to Chiefs

QB Russell Wilson
AP Photo/ Ed Zurga

QB Russell Wilson had to endure one of his worst performances ever as the Denver Broncos fell to 1-5 on Thursday night in Arrowhead Stadium despite a struggling defence that allowed the team to defeat the formidable Kansas City Chiefs 19-8.

We need to play cleaner and better; we had a chance, a slightly glum Wilson said. I must play more effectively. I’ll start with that.

Wilson appeared to be settling into coach Sean Payton’s offence after posting two 300-yard passing performances in the team’s opening three games. However, this past Sunday’s four-sack, 196-yard performance in the Broncos’ defeat to the New York Jets showed signs of weakness.
Thursday turned into a regression to Wilson’s problems in 2022, when he finished with a career-high 55 sacks and a career-low 16 touchdown passes.

Wilson completed 13 of 22 passes for 95 yards and two interceptions against the Chiefs. In his 12th season as a quarterback, it was the first game when Wilson ended with fewer than 150 passing yards and two interceptions.

In addition, Wilson was sacked four times on Thursday and had four passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage.

The Broncos did not string together a scoring drive until the fourth quarter of their game against the Chiefs, as they had eight possessions that yielded 34 yards or less overall. With 6:07 remaining in the game, Courtland Sutton scored a touchdown with a one-handed catch.

All on a night when the Chiefs were only able to score one touchdown thanks to the Broncos’ defence.
We had trouble throwing the ball offensively, and we had bad third-down statistics, according to Payton. “We had a game where we definitely performed adequately on defence, but we failed to sustain drives on third down until the end of the game. You have to be a better thrower than anyone else to win in our league. The wind didn’t seem to have much of an impact.

Regarding the Chiefs’ defence, Wilson observed, “They did a lot of different things.” “That’s part of the game. They made a terrific play on the ball that bounced up on [the second interception], and the first [interception] was on me. They are a strong defence, and they made some nice plays tonight.

After 20 games as a starter, Wilson’s Broncos record is currently 4-16. In order to acquire Wilson in 2022, the Broncos surrendered three players and five draught picks—two first-round and two second-round picks—to the Seattle Seahawks.

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