No evidence Mitch McConnell has seizure disorder

Mitch McConnell freezes

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, 81, was examined by a team of neurologists after two recent health scares in front of the cameras, and Brian Monahan, the Capitol’s attending physician, said in a new letter that there is no evidence the Kentucky senator has a seizure disorder, a stroke, or a movement disorder like Parkinson’s disease.

The latest letter was released on Tuesday by McConnell’s office after the Republican leader froze in front of cameras for the second time in as many months, raising doubts about his capacity to keep up his crucial position as the head of the Senate GOP Conference. A person with knowledge of the case said that McConnell visited four neurologists for assessments following a freezing incident last week in Covington, Kentucky.

In the letter dated Tuesday, Monahan claimed to have spoken with McConnell’s neurologists and performed a number of tests, including an electrical imaging examination of the brain and a brain MRI.

The letter stated, there is no evidence that you have a seizure disorder, that you have had a stroke, TIA, or a movement disorder like Parkinson’s disease.

An EEG study provides a snapshot in time, according to CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta on “Anderson Cooper 360” on Tuesday.

Someone could have a seizure, then a normal EEG, and have another seizure later, Gupta said, pointing out that the examinations McConnell underwent were quite thorough and significant.

They can provide you with a decent amount of information, but they can’t rule out seizures with absolute certainty. Once more, they can only provide you with a moment in time, the speaker added.

In passing, McConnell brought up his experience with the cold, noting that one particular moment of my time back home has received its fair share of attention and the press over the past week.”

He stated during floor remarks on Tuesday, but I assure you, August was a busy and productive month for me and my staff back in the Commonwealth. During the break, McConnell spoke about the activities he attended, pausing briefly to get a drink of water.

As they left their weekly meeting on Tuesday night, members of the Senate GOP leadership cast doubt on McConnell’s wellbeing.

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