Motorola’s Bendable Phone Like Watch


At Lenovo Tech World ’23, Motorola showcased its adaptive display concept, which includes bending form factor and some AI gimmicks.

Have you ever wondered, “Why can’t I just slap this thing on my wrist?” while you glanced at your dull slab phone? Not at all? There are now two of us. However, that might be the only way we use our smartphones in the future. Alternatively, in the future, Motorola is imagining.

Motorola debuted its new Adaptive Display concept today at Lenovo Tech World ’23. It is an Android phone that can change shape and can be twisted to different degrees. The 6.9-inch slab, for instance, can be worn and used like a smartwatch by bending it into a C form.

Motorola recommends using one of its new AI capabilities, which generates a phone wallpaper based on your attire, in conjunction with this wrist-worn mode. Similar experiences with Samsung phones and Galaxy smartwatches have been reported.

For a more ergonomic viewing experience, the top half of the Adaptive Display idea can easily be bent upward. With a 4.6-inch display, this self-standing posture is perfect for vertically aligned work like social media scrolling and video conferences. The applications are adaptable.

Since this is a concept phone, availability and cost are undetermined. For now, I’m interested in the phone’s durability, the practicality of carrying such a large object on your wrist, and how uncomfortable it will get after a demanding workday. And is there really any way to argue for this thing?

Of course, there are many more questions, but given these doubts, I think it’s unlikely that Motorola’s phone, which would replace the smartwatch, will ever be released. Still, it’s a brave attempt to provide something new in a smartphone market that is gradually moving more and more in the direction of foldable form factors.

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