Morgan State University shooting Wounded 5 people

Morgan State University shooting
Police block off the south entrance to Morgan State University after a shooting on Tuesday night. Jerry Jackson / Baltimore Sun via Getty Images

BALTIMORE — Authorities said that on Tuesday night, an attacker on the Morgan State University campus shot and injured five persons, four of whom were students.

Around 9:25 p.m., Morgan State University Police were on patrol when they heard gunfire, according to the authorities.

They were out there somewhere.

“We did not locate the suspect at this time,” Richard Worley of the Baltimore Police Department stated during an early-morning press conference.

When shooting was reported, authorities ordered everyone to stay indoors and stay away from the area. They were filmed by WJZ inspecting the hostel rooms.

Police declared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that the event was no longer being treated as an active shooting, around 75 minutes after they had responded to the report of gunfire at the institution.

Councilman Ryan Dorsey of Baltimore City stated on social media that he was informed by the police that five individuals were hurt in the incident. He stated that none of the wounds posed a threat to life.

“It’s believed there were three shooters firing into the crowd, none apprehended or ID’d at this time,” according to Dorsey.

Worley acknowledged that five individuals, aged 18 to 22, had been shot during the press conference on Wednesday.

Worley added that the gunfire injured four men and one woman. He said that all of them had non-life-threatening injuries.

According to Lance Hatcher, the chief of police at Morgan State University, four of the victims of the gunshots were students.

Worley reported that several windows on the campus were broken by gunshots during the attack. Officers responded by cordoning off the area, believing there was an active shooter as a result of it, he added.

When she learned about the incident, Baltimore City Councilwoman Odette Ramos told WJZ that she was devastated for the school and the pupils.

“It’s been a sad, sad evening, especially since Morgan has homecoming coming up, and that is usually a big celebration of how wonderful campus is and still is,” she stated.

Ramos expressed her relief upon learning that the victims of the gunfire would be able to heal from their wounds.

“I’m here to show my support to the students,” she said.

Governor Wes Moore of Maryland said in a statement to WJZ, “My office is aware of the shooting incident on the Morgan State University campus. My team and I are in close contact with officials on the ground and are monitoring the situation. We are grateful for the heroic efforts of the first responders who rushed to the scene and are actively working to ensure safety.” 

At the scene of an active shooter scenario, the Baltimore Police Department is receiving assistance from the local office of the Bureau of Firearms and Explosives. Shell casings and further evidence are being sought for by its agents and K-9 teams in the region.

Federal officials declared on social media that the FBI is also supporting the investigation into the shooting.

According to Kelsey Kushner of WJZ, authorities verified to her that the gunman was firing from a dorm window.

Baltimore Police and Morgan State University authorities started warning family members of students to stay away from the campus area after hearing reports of shooting.

Alternatively, according to authorities, they might meet at the Safeway parking lot, located at 4401 Harford Road.

Following the shooting, friends and family informed WJZ that they were concerned for their loved ones.

WJZ’s Cristina Mendez was informed by a man named Antonio that his brother was confined to one of the restrooms.

“Right now, my brother just texted my mom saying that they’re just locked down in the stadium’s bathrooms right now just waiting for when they can leave out,” Antonio said.

Social media user Tony Jones, a staff writer for The Athletic, revealed that his daughter was there at Morgan State University when the shooting took place and that it took place in her room.

“Praying for Morgan State University tonight,” he said on his social media site. “I urge you to say a prayer as well, if you believe.”

The shelter-in-place order was revoked by Morgan State University administrators on Wednesday at 12:30 a.m.

Credits: CBSNews

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