Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs limit mistakes as offense purrs

Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs got on track Sunday with a win over the Las Vegas Raiders. Getty Images

In Sunday’s game, the Kansas City Chiefs scored 31 points, matching their second-highest total of the season, but Patrick Mahomes didn’t think it was the crucial offensive statistic.

Mahomes was more pleased with the numbers one (the Kansas City Chiefs dropped passes) and zero (the Chiefs’ turnovers). Mahomes claimed he always felt that if the Kansas City Chiefs improved as they did on Sunday, good things would come naturally. The Chiefs have struggled for most of the season to match their offensive prowess from prior years.

After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Las Vegas Raiders 31-17 to improve their record to 8-3, Mahomes stated, “We’ve shown that we can move the ball, but [turnovers] and drops and me not getting to the right guy at the right time [have limited the Chiefs offensively].”

Small things like that have caused some of our drives to stall. This week, we kind of went back to the basics and didn’t stop trying. It’s clear that we made progress in the right way presently. Let’s simply carry on like that for the remainder of the season.

After the Kansas City Chiefs had fallen behind by ten or more points, Mahomes won his 15th game in the NFL. In these types of games, his victory percentage of 58 is the highest in NFL history.

However, this season, the Kansas City Chiefs were yet to come back from a double-digit deficit. The Chiefs appeared to be in trouble early in the second quarter, down 14-0, as they have a history of losing when they fall behind by a significant score.

That was prior to one of the Chiefs’ potentially most significant touchdown drives of the season, a 71-yard drive led by Mahomes. The Chiefs had gained 13 yards on seven plays ran up to that point.

We needed that first touchdown drive because it turned the tide in our favor, Mahomes remarked. Especially after having seven plays in the first quarter, we needed to find that motivation.

To seize control of the game, the Chiefs proceeded to score touchdowns on three of the following four possessions. The Chiefs scored their first points of the game in the latter two quarters in two of those touchdowns, which occurred in the second half of their previous four games.

Rashee Rice, a rookie, caught eight passes for 107 yards. Since Week 7 of the previous year, he is the first wide receiver for the Chiefs to record more than 100 yards in a regular season game. In the NFL, that 20-game stretch was the longest one still going.

The highlight play of the game for Rice came on a 39-yard touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter, which helped loosen up a close contest. for breaking an attempted tackle close to the end zone and making the reception at the 35, Rice ran for the ball.

The Chiefs have been waiting for this game from any of their wide receivers, and it finally arrived from the second-round draught selection.

To be honest, I think we’ve just barely touched the surface, Mahomes remarked of Rice. I believe you see us hitting him a little bit close to the line of scrimmage, but I also believe he has some vertical threat ability and bursts of speed.

We’re going to keep pushing him to be that receiver every single week. He has the potential to be a great receiver in this league.

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