Labor Day 2023: What will be open and closed on September 4 Holiday

labor day

According to a history on the website of the US Department of Labor, New York and Oregon were the first states to enact legislation commemorating Labor Day in 1887. Thirty states had enacted the holiday by 1894 as a result of the idea’s popularity.

On June 28, that same year, Congress approved an act declaring Labor Day a legal holiday, or, as it was known at the time, “an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers,” on the first Monday in September.

It’s noteworthy to note that International Labor Day, also known as May 1, recognizes the working class around the world. According to a report from NPR, the American Federation of Labor (AFL) really started the day.

Now that Labor Day is here, summer is coming to an end and classes have resumed.

The American labor movement and the achievements that employees have made to the US economy are also honored on the first Monday in September.

Due to the bank holiday, many Americans will be on vacation or hosting their final barbecues of the season. But if you need to run errands on Monday, September 4, these are the establishments that will be open and shut.

Post Office

On Monday, the United States Postal Service will be closed, so don’t plan on sending any mail through them. In addition, all UPS services—aside from Express Critical—will be suspended. The FedEx Office service will have altered hours, and only FedEx Custom Critical, its premium service for exceptional packages, will be running.


Banks won’t be open on Labor Day because it is one of the eleven federal banking holidays. However, there will be access to ATMs and internet banking options.

It will likewise be dark on the US stock exchange. There will be no trading on NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange.


On Monday, all federal, state, and local offices as well as post offices will be shut down. Additionally, neither state nor local courts will be open.

Credits: https://edition.cnn.com

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