Jets have an absolutely putrid performance and lose to Chargers

Jets lose to Chargers
Chargers linebacker Tuli Tuipulotu (45) sacks the Jets' Zach Wilson (2). It was one of eight sacks Wilson endured Monday. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Jets lose to Chargers: The game on Monday night appeared to be finished after two minutes. It was only a matter of counting the number of times ESPN commentator Troy Aikman would make some ridiculous statement regarding the offensive incompetence of the New York Jets. There was ample material for Aikman and all the others.

The Jets have no room for error, and they erred greatly in the first few minutes of the game on Monday night. Derius Davis, a rookie for the Los Angeles Chargers, returned a punt 87 yards for a score. That was revealed by the Jets as part of their pregame introductions, and it was likely a playful jab at how frequently punter Thomas Morstead has been used this season when the Jets’ drives have stalled, as well as a nod to the excellent season he’s having.

For fans who tuned in expecting to watch a competitive game, it wasn’t as funny. The Chargers easily won 27-6 because of the excellent Jets defense and terrible performance from everyone else. The Chargers were pushed around all night by the Jets defense, so it wasn’t an easy victory. But as the Chargers jumped out to an early 7-0 lead, the outcome was never really in doubt.

The Jets were slated to start Aaron Rodgers at quarterback in many of their prime-time games. They still have a sizable viewership, but it may be more due to a morbid fascination about how awful their offense can get.

Jets fall behind early

The game was settled in the first few minutes. The punt return was there. The Jets can’t afford for one of their talented offensive players to fumble after Garrett Wilson did. On the next play, Zach Wilson fumbled and lost the ball.

Aikman lamented Wilson’s failure to complete a layup pass, and Wilson mishandled a brief ball to a wide-open receiver early on. Wilson missed layups, three-pointers, dunks, and mid-range jumpers—all of which were airballs.

Wilson has had a difficult season, and on Monday night, he didn’t give the Jets much of a chance. The Jets had seven punts, three fumbles, and two field goals in their first twelve drives.

This season, the defense has struggled mightily in a few past Jets games, but the offense manages to win the game with one or two miraculous plays. On Monday, that was not taking place.

When they weren’t already dozing off, Jets fans around the nation were turning off the game.

Jets defense plays well

The Chargers offense won’t wake up on Tuesday thinking it won easily. The Jets’ defense was excellent that evening, allowing only 191 yards from a quality Chargers squad. Justin Herbert, the quarterback, is nearly always hit by the Jets when he drops back. Zach Wilson’s fumbles led up Austin Ekeler’s two touchdown runs for the Chargers. On a third down to set up a field goal, Keenan Allen made one of the most beautiful catches you’ll ever see. That concludes the offensive highlights for the Chargers.

The Jets, trailing 20–6, were technically still in the game with less than four minutes remaining, but their chances of scoring two touchdowns appeared improbable. After Wilson was stripped by Khalil Mack during a sack, Alohi Gilman recovered the ball and took it back to the 2-yard line, ending the game. The game was over when Ekeler scored on the following play.

Like the Jets, who are behind by 14 points in the closing minutes but continue to convince themselves they have a shot; even if they are 4-4, it is difficult to think they can finish in the postseason hunt with their current football strategy. The defense must find it depressing. With Rodgers as quarterback, the Jets might appear to be the best football club in a parallel universe. Rather, he is sidelined due to an Achilles tear, making the Jets a challenging team to watch.

Finally, the Jets had a pointless drive in the last minute, deep into Chargers territory, to round up the evening. They threw a touchdown pass that was dropped in the end zone, and Tyler Conklin received a ball on fourth-and-goal but was tackled at the 1-yard line.

It was a tough Monday night. In addition to costly turnovers and passes that were considerably off-target, there were opportunistic penalties and an excessive number of sacks because of a poor offensive line.

Being a Jets fan these days is difficult. Well, they’re not the Giants, so that’s something.

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