iOS 17: A List of Useful Features that You Should be Aware of

iOS 17
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Here is a list of iOS 17 useful features that you should be aware of:

Swipe to reply on iMessage: There are times when conversations get off topic and you want to respond to a particular message in a group chat with family members, roommates, or fantasy sports players. You may now swipe sideways on a text bubble in iMessage to leave a direct response. Your reply will be included with the related message in addition to appearing as a new entry in the group conversation.

Improved adaptive autocorrect: In addition to not autocorrecting that word to “duck” or “ducking,” iOS 17 makes use of a transformer language model to better understand your typing patterns and how you spell particular words.

Auto-removing one-time passcodes: The iPhone may now immediately erase the coded message when you autofill a confirmation number for two-factor logins, whether it is taken from your iMessage or Mail.

No more “Hi Siri” and longer conversations: Nothing is more awkward than saying “Hi Siri” before each instruction to activate Apple’s voice assistant. Siri can hold longer conversations and respond to many requests in a single session with iOS 17, in addition to being activated by just saying “Siri” like before.

Leveler in the Camera app: Whether you’re taking a picture of a landscape, a family portrait, or the top-down of a main course, it’s such a subtle improvement to the camera experience that it makes framing images incredibly simple.

Live activities in StandBy Mode: StandBy Mode, which turns your iPhone into an ambient smart display when docked sideways on a MagSafe charger, is arguably the flashiest addition in iOS 17. But did you know that Live Activities, such as sports scores and Uber pickups, can also be shown in StandBy Mode?

Offline maps in Apple Maps: Apple Maps now offers the option to download regions for offline navigation, just like Google Maps. This is especially useful when you’re on the road and there is little to no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

Interactive widgets: With iOS 14 in 2020, Apple debuted home screen widgets. Three years later, with iOS 17, you can finally interact with those elements without opening the corresponding apps, whether it’s marking your Reminders as completed, turning on or off smart home lights, etc.

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