Google creates a brand new hub for shopping deals


Although it’s likely the most expensive time of year, the holiday season may also be the most wonderful. With the release of its new deals site, Google is hoping to alleviate some of that financial burden ahead of the crazy rush to locate the greatest gifts at the lowest rates.

These days, if you search for “shop deals” on Google, you’ll see a page full of discounts on products like clothing and electronics.

If you have a specific kind of item in mind, you may search for it on Google using terms like “shop headphone deals” to see what kind of promotions are available. Items that are on display should originate from a variety of places, such as local shops, luxury labels, and big box stores.

Additionally, Google will display results based on previous searches you conducted while logged into your account. Additionally, any ongoing specials on a certain shirt or watch that you’ve looked at may show up in your “resume browsing” card.

With a new discount tag indicator directly in the Chrome URL bar, Google is also making its way to extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping. When you click on the button, a list of discount codes for the website you’re now buying on will appear, exactly like the previous ones.

Furthermore, Google is offering more tracking data to determine whether a price has recently decreased or is above normal. To check an item’s 90-day price history, click on the “shopping insights” label that will appear in the address bar of participating websites.

This chart may help you determine whether the product is often on sale or whether its sticker price has recently decreased. When a product is on sale, you can also click the bell icon on Search for Mobile to get email and push notifications. If you’re shopping on Chrome from your PC, bookmark the item instead.

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