Costco Membership’s 9 Free Perks

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Boomers and Gen Z alike appear to be huge fans of Costco these days. You are already aware of the must-see cult favorites. However, are there any undiscovered free benefits that you’re overlooking? These are a handful of the cost-free and subsidized advantages of being a member of Costco.

Discounted Vacations

Discounts on cruises, resorts, and other travel are available at Costco Travel. At resorts in the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, and other premier tropical locations, members get one extra night.

Starting at roughly $1,500 per person, a 7-night cruise departing from Port Canaveral, Florida, is offered. Get a bonus of a Digital Costco Shop Card as well. These are just a handful of the offers and incentives you will get when you use Costco Travel to plan your next vacation.

Cheaper Rental Cars and No Fee for a Second Driver

You might be able to add a second driver to your automobile rental for free when you rent it from Costco. This normally costs $15 or more. You can reserve through Budget, Enterprise, Avis, or Alamo.

Purchase a Vehicle Easily

There is no trouble or bargaining because the Costco Auto Program offers predetermined rates with qualified dealers. Select from brand-new, used, or even recreational vehicles. Even if you didn’t purchase your car from Costco, you can still receive 15% off at participating service locations if your car requires maintenance or repairs.


Once you own that vehicle, Connect, provided by American Family Insurance, allows you to insure it. Costco members are eligible for discounted prices on both auto and house insurance. Costco and Protective collaborate to provide members with quick, online quotations and affordable life insurance premiums.

Technical Assistance for Devices bought from Costco

It may surprise you to learn that Costco offers repair services for appliances, cameras, laptops, televisions, and other electronics you buy from their stores. Pacific time for the tech support lines is 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Simple Returns

Costco’s online return policy is exceptionally simple. Costco even reimburses your shipping and handling costs if you return an online-purchased item to a warehouse club in person. There are fairly few limitations on what can be returned or how long you can take advantage of Costco’s Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Electronics, however, can only be returned within the first ninety days of purchase.

Adjustments to Prices

You can request a price adjustment to receive cash back if, within the next 30 days after making a purchase at Costco.com, the item is sold for less. Keep in mind that Costco does not match pricing from other locations or its warehouse.

Free Delivery of Groceries

Even if you presumably enjoy browsing the Costco aisles for the best offers, there are instances when doing your grocery shopping at home is just simpler. When you do, non-perishable purchases of $75 or more qualify for free two-day shipping. Enjoy free delivery on orders $100 or more, even if you’re ordering frozen or refrigerated groceries.

Reward Cash for Purchases

Only Executive members, who pay $60 more than Gold Star members, are eligible for this complimentary benefit. However, 2% of every purchase made by Executive members is rewarded, and this occurs about three months prior to the membership renewal date. An annual rewards gift certificate worth up to $1,000 will be sent to you.

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