China’s ‘most inconvenient convenience store’ hangs off the side of a cliff

most inconvenient convenience store
Courtesy: South China Morning Post

The title of “most inconvenient convenience store” in China goes to a little wooden hut that is positioned on a precipitous cliff in a picturesque area of the country.

According to a recent story by the state-run English-language newspaper China Daily, the shop, which is located in the Shiniuzhai Scenic Area in the Chinese province of Hunan, is situated 120 meters (394 feet) above the ground and provides climbers with drinks and light munchies.

Shiniuzhai is well-known for its mountainous terrain, which provides amazing vistas and an exciting array of alpine pursuits. Haohan Qiao, also known as “Brave Men’s Bridge,” is located there as well. When it opened in 2015, it was China’s first bridge with a glass bottom.

One of the hills, which resembles the back of an ox, gave rise to the name Shiniuzhai, which translates to “stone ox village” in Chinese.

The 800-meter via ferrata route leads to the convenience shop. The term “iron way,” or via ferrata in Italian, refers to a route that climbers can take to navigate difficult terrain and ascend a mountain. It is marked with metal anchors and other structures.

After a year of building, the store opened in 2018 and created a lot of excitement. This month, after some recent headlines on state media, it made a comeback, capturing the attention of Chinese social media users.

On the Chinese social network Weibo last week, a well-known military blogger with over 889,400 followers joked, calling it “the most inconvenient convenience store.”

“It’s very demanding for the staff members,” jokingly said another user.

The general manager of Shiniuzhai, Song Huizhou, told China Daily that each climber receives a complimentary bottle of water at the store after a 90-minute ascent.

He said that employees are in charge of bringing goods to the business each day.

Beijing Youth Daily, another state-run publication, was informed by an unidentified employee that employees regularly bring hundreds of bottles of beverages up the hill in their backpacks. Each bottle is sold for between five and seven yuan or less than one dollar.

In addition, footage that went viral on Chinese social media last month during the nation’s Mid-Autumn festival showed staff members giving away complimentary mooncakes in little red boxes to climbers.

The 64 million-person landlocked province of Hunan is home to the world-famous Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which is recognized for its enormous karst formations that resemble pillars.

Credits: CNN

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