Apple’s October Surprise Might Be a New iMac or MacBook Pro

Apple released the last iMac in 2021, though the company has apparently been working on a sequel since then. Photo: Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images)

Apple may have a surprise in store for all those with their finger on the tech pulse. According to reports, the company is getting ready to introduce a new product, possibly a new MacBook Pro or iMac.

Mark Gurman, the lord of Apple News, suggested on Sunday that a product launch might occur near the end of October. Compared to the September launch event that was primarily focused on phones and wearables, this one will be Mac-centric.

In comparison to potential Apple laptops, Gurman is more confident that we will finally see an iMac refresh this year. He notes that the lack of iMac and MacBook Pro models in Apple stores is demonstrated by the company’s website, which indicates that some products won’t arrive until the middle of November.

It’s possible that the new iMac will measure 32 inches, making it the largest all-in-one desktop computer the brand has ever produced. Apple supporters who may have anticipated the company to reveal information on the upcoming iPad generation may be satisfied with this new release. We probably won’t see an Apple tablet this year, either.

According to the Bloomberg writer, there’s a chance Apple could release new 14 and/or 16-inch MacBook Pros as a result of those stock shortages. That’s a bit of a stretch, especially given that Apple already unveiled new 14- and 16-inch Pro models with M2 processors earlier this year. It is unknown if these new laptops would use an M3 chip, but other Apple rumor mongers claim an M3-powered MacBook won’t be released until next year.

Apple has been mum on a comeback with any new, updated specs or bigger screen sizes since the last iMac was released in 2021. When the M3 chip was introduced, plans to update the M2 silicon were scrapped. We’ll have to wait until 2025 for a 32-inch version of the iMac, according to fellow Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who cited his own sources in the Cupertino company’s supply chain.

According to Gurman, Apple had originally planned to release an M1-powered desktop and then a 24-inch iMac Pro, but those products were never produced because of costs.

Apple has since made an effort to placate Mac desktop users with products like the M1-powered Mac Studio, but that is obviously not the same as the iMac. The new Apple Pencil 3 with USB-C was the company’s most recent product release, and with its quarterly earnings report scheduled for Nov. 2, Apple may try to end the year on a high note.

Given how the AI hype train has infected the entire tech industry, Apple’s investors may be paying closer attention to Apple’s plans for the near future. Although the Tim Cook-led company has released many products that indirectly use artificial intelligence, it hasn’t made many explicit mentions of its attempts to ride the AI hype train.

We already know that Apple is developing an “Apple GPT” chatbot and some sort of AI digital framework. Apple was reportedly caught off guard when OpenAI ChatGPT sparked a wave of completely pointless AI integrations from those just looking to cash in, despite Cook’s previous claim in an earnings call that his company has long looked forward to AI.

It’s considered a pretty big miss internally, according to a source with knowledge of Apple’s AI problems who was not identified by Gurman. Instead, it’s possible that the company is attempting to improve Siri’s comprehension and response to commands by using generative AI. This might happen as early as next year.

Apple will be imitating Google and Microsoft at the same time by packing as much AI as possible into its upcoming iOS release, such as in Apple Music for playlists created by AI or Pages for writing dry, boring content.

The fact that every tech company, large and small, has compelled users to adopt AI, whether it is actually helpful or not, is what makes this October so frightening.

Credits: Gizmodo

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