AI Summit: German chancellor Could Snub it

ai summit

According to the BBC, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may decline his invitation to a significant AI summit in the UK.

On November 1, the government is holding a conference to talk about AI safety with representatives from the IT industry, academia, and politics.

The agenda will center on specific threats that the quickly advancing technology may face in the future, namely cyber security.

Britain has suggested creating an international AI body to keep an eye on advances.

Although the guest list for the anticipated 100 attendees has not been released, some in the industry question whether or not high-ranking executives would attend.

The conference is attracting “a lot of attention” both domestically and internationally, according to a government source.

Leading lawmakers, independent experts, and top executives from the largest US-based tech companies are expected to attend the two-day conference.

On the first day, tech companies and academics will gather for a conversation led by Michelle Donelan, the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology.

On the second day, PM Rishi Sunak is scheduled to preside over discussions including a “small group” of individuals, including representatives of foreign governments.

It will take place at Bletchley Park, a country estate in Buckinghamshire that served as the top-secret headquarters for codebreakers during World War Two.

The German Chancellor is not expected to go, even though no decision has been made yet.

That may give rise to worries of a “domino effect” involving other foreign leaders, possibly including the unidentified French President Emmanuel Macron.

High-ranking officials from numerous US-based tech corporations are attending, according to government sources, and some heads of state have made it apparent that they plan to go.

Notwithstanding criticism, the foreign secretary declared in September that a Chinese envoy had been extended an invitation.

Following a number of security disputes, some members of the UK’s ruling Conservative Party think China ought to be excluded from the conference.

It’s unclear if the invitation has received a response.

China has a sizable AI industry and has established its own set of regulations to ensure that the technology is used responsibly there.

The largest economy in the world and a prominent player in the sector, the US, will be represented by Vice President Kamala Harris.

During PM Rishi Sunak’s June foreign visit to the US, the UK-hosted AI summit was announced, in what was perceived as a political coup for Downing Street.

Britain aims to establish itself as a major mediator in the global debate about the possible dangers and pitfalls of artificial intelligence.

Berlin is believed to wish to steer clear of any unruly overlap with G7 initiatives, though, as the group of powerful democracies decided to draft a global code of conduct.

The largest economy in the EU is Germany, which plans to complete its historic AI Act by the end of the current year.

It involves ranking AI tools according to their importance; an email filter, for instance, would be subject to less regulation than a system for diagnosing illnesses.

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, is anticipated to attend the summit next month, but Berlin may send a high-ranking official, like deputy chancellor Robert Habeck.

The UK intends to integrate AI regulation within already-existing organizations. For instance, an individual may contact the Equalities Commission if they believe an AI tool is discriminatory.

However, a number of industry professionals are advocating for a worldwide authority to supervise AI globally, akin to the UN.

This is the first international summit that has focused on frontier AI concerns, and it is gaining a lot of attention both domestically and internationally, according to a source from the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology.

“It is usual not to confirm senior attendance at major international events until nearer the time, for security reasons.”

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