Adobe releases new image generation tools in AI push

Adobe releases new image generation tools in AI push
Source: Reuters

Adobe (ADBE.O) announced on Tuesday that, as part of its most recent effort to compete with startups that are posing a threat to its core business, it is launching new image-generation technology that can take inspiration from an uploaded image and replicate its style.

Innovative image-generating technologies from companies such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion have put Adobe’s clientele of creative professionals—who utilize its products like Photoshop—in jeopardy.

In response, the San Jose, California-based corporation has been working hard to create its own version of the technology, which it has included in its software applications.

Adobe said that its users have created three billion photographs using the tools, one billion of which were created in the past month alone. The company has assured its clients that the generated images would not face legal difficulties.

“Generative Match” is a feature of the next generation of tools that were unveiled on Tuesday. It will enable users to create an image from a few text words, just like Adobe’s previous tool. However, users will also be able to upload as few as 10 or 20 photographs to serve as the foundation for the images that are generated.

Chief technology officer for Adobe Digital Media, Ely Greenfield, stated that the company’s goal is to allow large brands to upload a few images of a product or character, and then utilize generative technology to create hundreds or thousands of images automatically for a variety of purposes, such as print ads, social media campaigns, and websites.

“Up until a few months ago, it was still a very manual process to get all those photos – not only to take the photos but then to process them,” Greenfield stated to Reuters.

A certain percentage of photography will shift to virtual photography, in which the image is created entirely from scratch. However, a lot of it will also involve doing some traditional creative work, like photography, and then utilizing this generative technology to do a ton of adaptation.

Additionally, Adobe released tools on Tuesday for creating templates for brochures and other materials, as well as vector graphics—which are easily scalable and frequently used for logos and product labels.

According to Greenfield, the price increases that were originally revealed in September won’t be changing.

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